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littlevampy126 [userpic]
Slayer Chronicles
by littlevampy126 (littlevampy126)
at April 17th, 2011 (05:10 pm)

Heather Brewer's spin-off of the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod kicks off this year (September 20th, to be exact) with First Kill, book one of the Slayer Chronicles.

book cover here:

Nevermore - Ch. 1
by prickmythumb (prickmythumb)
at December 18th, 2010 (08:28 pm)

My very first Vlad x Sprat fanfiction :'3
Enjoy it
Please review!

it's co posted, here, dA, and then fanfiction.net

Pairing: Vlad x Sprat, very lightly hinted Henry x Vlad
Rating: M for later on
Word Count: 2568
Characters: belong to Auntie~!

Chapter 1: And Now We're Having Kids

"Stupid goth kid." A tall boy hissed, kicking a frail boy that he and his friend had knocked to the ground. Laughing at the smaller ones pained expression as he rolled over to protect himself, or try to protect himself from the painful blows to the stomach and thighs.

The other boy that was with the other large boy laughed, bending down and rolling the boy over and held him still. "Now hold still! Your only hurting yourself!" He hissed, slapping the smaller boy. Causing the thin goth to have an already reddening mark on his pale face.

Small whimpers continued to pour from the smaller boy as the two losers continued to beat him. Tears filled his eyes when he heard the bell ring and the two larger idiots stroll away. He curled over on his side, tears falling from his eyes. Once the two of them were gone, he pushed himself up and rubbed his eyes. Softly touching where his face had started to form a burse. He looked up and noticed another person in all black watching him. He turned his head, not wanting anyone to see him like this. He stood up, whimpering softly and brushed off the dirt from his pants. Picked up his bag and walked towards the front door. Tears still threatening to fall from his eyes.

Vlad watched the other boy walk past him. Someone he had only seen from afar at all times. He sighed, he knew he should have stopped the to losers who were hurting him. But what if they had done the same to him. Wouldn't it be pointless to save someone if you're the one who got hurt too? He shook his head and entered the school after the boy. Following him as he walked into the boys restroom. But not right after, that would be weird. He shrugged and watched the small boys feet from behind a stall as he cried. He heard the smaller one rustling around behind the stall. He tilted his head, walking into the stall a few down from the other male. Listening close, then froze when he smelt the strong yet delicious iron smell. He quickly covered his nose and mouth with a hand and ran from the restroom. Trying to find what class Henry had been in. Vlad continued to run, looking at the glass between all the classes and glared. Where is he? he hissed to himself, finally seeing the blonde walking down the hall he ran to him. Henry's face turned from carefree to a slightly worried position. He hugged Vlad and whispered. "What's wrong?" He asked.

littlevampy126 [userpic]
Altered version of fic
by littlevampy126 (littlevampy126)
at October 11th, 2010 (08:15 pm)

This is for people for whom the link may not work, which I just realized a few hours ago. So, here goes.

Title: Good
Characters: Vikas and Tristian
Rating: K+
Summary: Pre-11GB. Vikas lets something slip which leads his drudge to fear the worst. Fluff, attempted suicide
Disclaimer: I don't own Vladimir Tod. (as if I could be so lucky)

GoodCollapse )


littlevampy126 [userpic]
I come bearing fic
by littlevampy126 (littlevampy126)
at August 2nd, 2010 (04:36 pm)


'Tis true. I come bearing fanfiction for all of you lovely fellow Minions

Title: Good
Characters: Vikas and Tristian
Rating: K+
Summary: Pre-11GB. Vikas lets something slip which leads his drudge to fear the worst. Fluff, attempted suicide
Disclaimer: I don't own Vladimir Tod. (as if I could be so lucky)

There you have it. Some Vikas/Tristian, since there never seems to be enough.


(P.S. Title links to fic.)

littlevampy126 [userpic]
Two bits of News
by littlevampy126 (littlevampy126)
at July 23rd, 2010 (06:15 pm)

In order, these are two posts from Heather Brewer's blog, and they may have been covered, but to cover our bases, I'll cover them again.

The first is this: The CoVT Box Set is here.

That's right, folks. The first four books in the CoVT now come in a box. Auntie strongly encourages you to raid your bookstores, my fellow Minions.

Oh, and point of note #2: PenguinAUS' CoVT trailer
For those who have issues with YouTube, the vid is below:

Taneisha [userpic]
deep within me (vlad/henry; slash) fic
by Taneisha (twilight_rush)
at July 23rd, 2010 (09:35 am)
current song: New Politics - Yeah Yeah Yeah (Live) | Powered by Last.fm

Title: Deep Within Me
Author: twilight_rush
Fandom: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod
Summary: Henry was startled and the only thing Vlad could think of to make it better was, “I’m sorry.”
Pairing: Vlad/Henry
Rated: PG-ish
Warning: Slash~
Disclaimer: ♥ Heather Brewer owns Vladimir Tod. But I own the t-shirt, so it evens out. Title taken from 'Missing' by Flyleaf, because that song makes me happy.
Note: Any comments would be greatly appreciated. This isn't my first CoVT fic (it's third), but it's the first I've written that I kind of actually like.

over here at my journal

littlevampy126 [userpic]
New release
by littlevampy126 (littlevampy126)
at April 17th, 2010 (12:43 pm)

The final volume of the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series is almost here!

Twelfth Grade Kills is set to be released on September 21, 2010! Follow Vlad to the end of it all, where all, we hope, is revealed.

Dana [userpic]
Time for some R&R: Rants and Raves
by Dana (dana_chaaan)
at August 1st, 2009 (08:49 pm)

Well, for the ten or so people watching this comminuty (why, oh why is this fandom so small?!), is anyone just a slight bit angry at Twilight? I mean, Heather Brewer's Vladimir Tod series is exponentially brilliant and interesting, and yet so little people have picked it up and actually read it. While, in retrospect, millions have read about Twilight and there are even movies about it! I just can't see what makes Twilight more appealing than Vladimir. (Seriously, c'mon, he's named after a torturer! Can't get cooler than that, ey?)

But, eh, us V.T. fans will just have to unite! Anyone up for making pickett fences and chanting in front of the movie theaters and/or Borders? (Nah, I'm totally joking, ha.)

Okay, and a side statement, did anyone else hate OttoOtis in the second book? He's a nice guy and everything, and I fell in love with him in the first book, but he bugs the sh!t outta me in the second one. Just wondering if I was alone in this thought.

Vladimir Tod > anysome vampire books. Oh yeahh!

Sora [userpic]
Welcome, fellow minions!
by Sora (soraryuu)
at April 6th, 2008 (06:45 pm)

Welcome! Fell free to post fanart, fiction or just your feelings on the book. I'm more of a reviewer myself, so don't feel shy about just posting reviews!

The new book comes out this month. I'm so excited!

Just so this post isn't worthless, I just want to say that Heather's blog is very much worth a read (I know sometimes I totally miss it when authors have blogs ^^;;)
Also, you see on her sidebar to email her about free pins? Do it ^^ It's very much worthwhile. I was expecting to only receive one pin, but when my package came, there were four pins and a pen! Super spiffy. I can now proudly proclaim my status as a loyal Minion on my school bag!

I thought that live action fan made trailer she has posted was pretty cool too ^^

I hope this community can be a success!

-Your mod,

Ps: I also run m_orality_p_lay, which is another community about a novel. If you like Morality Play or want to know more about it, stop by there too ^^

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